About us and our Communities...

For over 20 years  Frank's Pizza and Chicken, a family owned business, has been supporting our local communities and school districts. We take pride in being part of our neighborhoods as well.  From sponsoring of sports teams, to helping out our local towns in the time of disaster, Frank's Pizza and Chicken stands strong with our communities.

Hurricane Ivan

On September 17, 2004, the Millvale area was devastated by flood waters caused by Hurricane Ivan. Millvale's Franks Pizza and Chicken was affected, but was able to remain operational. Frank's Pizza and Chicken donated over $5000 worth of food to the emergency workers, volunteers and residents of Millvale over the span of one week. If you could make it to the shop, the food was free. Thanks to you we continue to grow and serve our community in positive ways.

Sponsored Teams: 
Braun Jeffrey A.A.
2007, 2012-2014
Etna Pony Baseball League
Dehaven A.A.
2006, 2007
Shaler Youth Soccer
Millvale Baseball Association
 Frank's Pizza and Chicken is continually supporting all of these community organizations:
Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Department
Etna Volunteer Fire Department
Laurel Garden Fire Department
Shaler EMS
Fraternal Order of Police
North Catholic High School
North Hills High School
Bauerstown Baseball & Softball Association
Shaler Area Titans
North Hills Baseball Booster Association
Millvale Library
Shaler North Hills Library
Golden Triangle Council of the Blind
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Reserve Elementary Caring Program
Marzolf Elementary
Holy Spirit Church
Most Hily Name Church
Glenshaw Valley Presbyterian Church
Women of the Moose Pittsburgh Ch. 1
Sensations Marchnig Band
Element Church
Mt. Alvernia

Etna Commons Housing Facility
Shaler Area Senior Community
North Hills Pittsburgh Moose #46
Glenshaw Country Club
North Hills Marching Band Festival
North Hills Youth Football Association
North Hills Indians Parent Association
Millvale Days
Millvale Boys and Girls Club
Shaler Area Varsity Swimming and Diving Booster
Shaler Cubs Youth Football
Jeffery Primary School
Stoneridge Church
Shaler Area Softball Booster
Shaler Area Titans Football
North Hills Indians Football
Girl Scout Troop #51061
North Hills Marching Band
Shaler Park Committee
Shaler Area Titan Bowling Battle
Shaler Area Basketball Booster
Michael J. Crawford Memorial Fund.
Scott Alexander Memorial Scholarship
Shaler Area Ice Hockey

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